Genetic Modification of Yeast

The Lab Journal (and the team behind it) proudly presents its first project: The Genetic Modification of Yeast. Here, we document our weekly accomplishments, including procedures, data, interpretations, and resources. Be sure to check in frequently to see our updates and progress.


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Final Post!!

It’s crazy to think where we started just a few weeks ago. Over the span of this semester, we learned how to transform¬†S. cerevisiae DNA to remove the TEP1 gene, measure growth rates using liquid YPD and a spectrophotometer, optimize paper-based, 3D/PDMS, and deodorant-based analytical devices, and compare growth of different yeast strains. We met … Continue reading Final Post!!

Week 13

Monday, Nov. 14: With the majority of our assays completed, today was spent giving presentations and quantifying results. The pH 2 YPD agar failed to solidify, so all those¬†results were left inconclusive. pH 4 paper and PDMS assays grew successfully. We calculated the p-values between growth averages of Wild and TEP1d yeast strains at each … Continue reading Week 13

Week 12

Monday, Nov. 7: After picking up the autoclaved pH 2, 4, 6, and 8 agar, we noticed the pH 2 solution had not solidified. We remade the solution with the same recipe, suspecting human error in the last batch. We continued with the pH 6 and pH8 paper-based analytical devices. We placed two nail polish-backed … Continue reading Week 12

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